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Common Questions – Virtual Medical Visits

Many plans now have Virtual Medical Benefits as part of their plans.

Call your Medicare plan to see if they do offer it to you. If so, during this pandemic, there is usually no cost for the benefit or the phone call.

Does it matter if I use a computer, smartphone or tablet?

You can have a virtual visit using any of these devices. When

using a smartphone or tablet, you will be directed to download

the app used by your plan before getting started. Simply follow the

prompts on the screen.

How do I know if my device is set up so that I can see

and hear the doctor? What if I need help?

When you request a virtual visit, there’s a step that checks

if your webcam, speaker and microphone are working. If needed,

tech support is available.

Do I need to fill out forms before every visit?

When you set up an account with Amwell, you’ll provide some

basic contact information and health plan information. This is

saved, so you only have to do it once.

How long will I need to wait before my visit? How long

does a visit last?

Most times, you will see a doctor immediately, but wait times

may vary. Virtual visits last 10 —15 minutes.

Are there times when I should not use a virtual visit?

Virtual visits are a good choice for common conditions that

have standard treatments. You should not use virtual visits

for complex, urgent or emergency conditions.

Can the doctor write me a prescription?

Yes, a prescription can be written and sent to your pharmacy

for pickup. Please note: Virtual Providers cannot write

prescriptions for any opioid medications.

If I can help you with any Medicare-Related plans please call or email me!

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