Dental & Vision Plans

HMO Dental Insurance

Because HMO dental insurance plans are consolidated it lets the insurance company dramatically reduce the costs of care. No applicant is denied coverage as long as they live within the service area of that plan. To qualify, you must receive care from a dentist in the HMO network in order for your claims to be paid. If you get care from a dentist who is not in the HMO network you will simply be responsible for paying the entire cost of via care out of pocket.


There are HMO dental plans from several different insurance companies to select from. This particular plan has no deductibles, no annual maximums and no waiting periods. 

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is the right fit for you and your specific situation.


PPO Dental Insurance

PPO dental plans are very desirable because of their flexibility. PPO networks tend to be larger and they give you more options and more dentists to choose from. All providers in PPO networks must abide by the negotiated rates so you will save money just by using an in-network provider. You can also use out-of-network providers but you will pay higher out-of-pocket costs because those providers are not obligated to give you a discounted rate for the services which they provide.


PPO dental plans usually have a small deductible for basic and/or major care, an annual maximum amount they will cover, and waiting periods for basic and/or major care. There are several different PPO dental plans available, so please feel free to contact me. Email: , or call me 727-207-3103 for more information.

Vision is usually added to dental plans by most commercial insurance companies at a minimum monthly premium. It covers annual eye exams, prescriptions lenses, contacts, and frames at a discounted rate or a flat rate.

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